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RKD 6th Anniversary

२०७९, २२ असार बुधबार १०:००

२०७९, २२ असार बुधबार १०:००


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Coops 2 Govs

"सामाजिक औधोगिक अभियानका लागि प्रतिपादित सिद्धान्त"

“Community-Private, Corporate-Public-Cooperative-others, and Government to venture and Settlement”

RKD Group

RKD Holdings
Tourism Investment Fund Limited (TIFL)
Biz Bazar Limited
Land Bank
Share Land Development Project (SLDP)
Real Estate Bazar
Panchase Cable Car and Tours Limited
Bandipur Cable Car and Tourism Limited
Hotel Queen Tower
Chimkeswori Cable Car
Cable Car Engineering Consultancy


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